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An Australian documentary brings a fresh diagnosis of the economic debacle and an obvious treatment for recovery.  This refreshingly paced narrated documentary (by Rachel Meagher) is  insightful.



Buffalo Springfield   

 those well-known economists said in a completely different context…

‘There’s something happening here.  What it is ain’t exactly clear’


 Well part of the problem and part of the solution IS clear from this documentary.

Get those *******politicians (stupid, corrupt or both) to put a LAND TAX -in place!

Wishful thinking?   I fear it is!


 Links below may have drifted to 404 purgatory since placed here in 2011.  Documentary Titles missing can be found at Top Documentaries or Documentary Wire or at any good documentary store near you.


Is Religion A Force For Good In The World?

Comments I made.

It seems many people believed in the entity that was Christopher Hitchins.   No more so than he did himself.

Spare us the sentimentality of the comment post -mortem “Hitch-you will be missed”.  That’s pathetic!

The hedonistic materialist that was Hitchins – is now immaterial.

Ryanair Caught Napping

or residual UK PaddyWhackery!   This  ‘hatchet job’ by camera flirting Mary Nash and Charlotte Smith might just show that the  ‘oIRISH’  are still fair game for derision and discredit. Maybe Easyjet or Monarch could be similarly inspected.

If Ryanair were doing anything other than following clear Aviation directives; do UK begrudgers   think their government would not intervene?

Who is responsible for training Ryanair staff?   I point you to
St James Management Training Centre
Woodside 2
Bishops Stortford
CM23 5RG —

People who delight in disparagement of this service ought to enquire of shareholders and of the Board in Cyprus, which has never been an Irish colony.

The extremely professional pilots are trained in Ireland;France; Germany; rest of Europe; USA; and the far East…and yes -in the UK.  Including the two in the documentary who seemingly flirt with the hack Ms Nash.

For safety in aviation check FAA/IAA/CAA.


Dispatches programme on this occasion was unusually unfair. Ryanair employ UK citizens from UK bases by the way.
The Big Question: Why Am I Me?

“7 billion and counting Sue ”  I refer to error in population quote -not the number of her brain cells!

In 1997 I saw her image in the National Portrait Gallery London and she looked professorially fine. Now she appears to be seeking attention.

You are admired for your mind, not your make-up Sue!


 Our War: 10 Years in Afghanistan

A propaganda for a retreating over-rated army viz. British


The New Rulers of the World

that was 2001.The ‘Have it-Got it-Keep it’ Elite surely couldn’t get more greedy?.

Yes they could!




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