“I always like to smoke before sex”

Of the 1000’s of crime stories available to the curious seeker on the WWW this one slice of real life (as opposed to fictional Hollywood processed spam ) was compelling.

Murder on a Sunday Morning [2001]           Available on YouTube

For a brief time one felt the Public Defender was playing a character out of a Dashiell Hammett novel. But not at all. While a film crew were ever -present, the integrity of Mr Mc Guinness and his co-public defender Ann shines clear.

After 10 minutes I realised I had seen this documentary before.  What are the chances of falling on the same one twice?  I may have answered that at the beginning.  A few 1000 to 1.   Instinctively I felt it was worth a second view. And it was.

If you like your heroes and heroines to be real especially in front of cameras, take a look at

Murder on a Sunday Morning [2001]









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