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I recall in 1963 seeing a glimpse of motorcade and someone called J.F. Kennedy in Dublin.  There was a lot of excitement at the return of a ‘done well’ son of indigenous Irish stock who so happened to be current leader of the free world.  In retrospect there was a lot of vicarious pride too, where the normal sort was probably lacking at that time.  The figure in a blue suit brought as much Hollywood as Washington DC, and the crowd lapped it up.   It was the first experience small children, as we were then, would see of another world.  A world of  Donna Reed and Harbour Command, and a world of wonder and possibly promise.

Naturally as a child I was not aware that this person had prevented a thermonuclear apocalypse nine months earlierwhen his military advisors were as eager to be as effective in late October ’62 as they had been  ineffective at the Bay of Pigs in ’61.  It might take more than wealth and glamour to handle this hawkish onslaught.

This is all by way of explaining that before leaving Ireland, he invited anyone visiting Washington (of DC) to drop by at the White House.   It was a gesture and the likelihood  that this would ever happen would be similar to the possibility that one day -an  International Space Station  -would orbit the earth every 90 minutes.

It does!

I did visit the House that Hoban built at least from the perimeter railings.  A year later in 2008, they actually allowed me inside.  Gratitude goes to a Lady Senator from Wisconsin with no Irish connections.

One item that is forbidden to the White House is a camera.  The other item is everything except the clothes you stand in.

so the next three images infra are from wiki common licence.  Green, Red room, Cross Hall, and East Room  respectively


Cross_Hall WhiteHouse

Cross_Hall WhiteHouse


except for No 13, below as no one can fly over the restricted airspace of the P without major clearance.  I include it to show you the wee garden at the center (centre) OK?

and No 14 of Lantern, as I have explained-no photographic equipment permitted.

these are a few of the many I took around DC.


 Inside the White House 2008.  It was the closing of the Bush era.   BHO had yet to change the furniture.

Everything is familiar of course from the millions of images we have all seen. On entering and leaving the White House, the lantern at the front door held my attention.  It had overlooked so much!.   The drive way is very narrow.  Decades of film news gave the impression of something wider, as limousines carrying the great and powerful arrived.  The green shrubbery was as expected.

Inside, the main entrance leads to the cross hall.   I noticed to the left a stairway which led to the upper floors.   That of course was out of bounds.

The East Room I found of modest size too relatively speaking, for a room which housed royal banquets for two hundred years of whatever, and lately, rock concerts.  Everyone  from Abe to Mick Jagger and their consorts have been here.   This room I had to remind myself was one location in which the casket was placed in 1963.

From there, right and then right again to a doorway and pass into the aforementioned ‘colour themed rooms’.  I have spoken elsewhere regarding the almost ‘doll’s house’ impression I had of the Green; Blue; and Red Rooms.  These well maintained parlours were roped off to prevent the hoi poloi such as ourselves from further trespass.  Fair play, but the armed security staff was sufficient notice.

Or was it?   I rebelliously put a toe and finger where other body parts and other bodies feared to thread.   I  do this quite often now in museums and art galleries around the western world in a compulsion to feel history, and to touch permanence.

Which reminds me of the day before.

I was passing a street by the West Wing.  I saw a Harley police motorcycle parked and went for a close inspection.  Never a great idea to touch any HD without consent, and not specifically one paid for by the US Government for White House security detail

Within a micro-second a cop car sped across and the lady officer dissuaded me from ever doing it again.  I was temporarily bored and was curious as to what would happen.  I found out too.

Fortunately no jail time, and it didn’t remotely interfere with security clearance for the  Pentagon the following day.   On two occasions no less, I was kindly afforded this very interesting experience.




I had to return a year later to state my case…..




LISTEN UP!  Reacting negatively with weaponry is the last option.  The first ought to be acting positively with deeds.  And by the way what was going on here in 2001?  Before and after, I mean.

Then I was escorted outside.

I jest.

From there we did the full perambulation to the centre.   The core of the western world’s power base architecturally speaking is a pleasant enough central garden area.

Again NO cameras inside.


Outside the Pentagon.  Or one part of one side of it- by the Metro stop.  Too much detail?

Outside the Pentagon. Or one part of one side, by the Metro stop. Too much information?




Over to Abe’s  ‘place’ in the Capitol building


ABE WAS HERE -at one time

ABE WAS HERE -at one time


   The 100 or so full size photos would fill too much space.  Maybe later….

Halls of Executive Power.  In the Capitol Building.  One of the corridors where politicians of fame and a few of infamy walked.

Halls of Executive Power in the Capitol Building. One of the corridors where politicians of fame and infamy walked.



Copyright MOSAherne 2013. All Rights Reserved.


 From Halls of Executive power in Washington DC ……


 ( bit of a jump-cut here until I find time to do some decent editing)

 to one machine of many here in California.  The SR.71.  A technological marvel that never dropped a single bomb nor fired a weapon, but acquired information that changed strategies, and possibly the course of history, no less


the machine……..

 not the sandles, here!

FLIGHTLINE OF POWER MILITARY /THE GREATEST -SR 71-amongst which are Stablemate---the equally high flying 80,000+but less swift U2 -







The    Mach 3+    SR 71

The most operational Blackbird ca. 1966-1992

  It cruised over the world at 2,000 plus knots per hour-17 miles altitude  ‘taking snaps’.  The plane oozed history, and some fluids when it was operational.


Under the SR-71 It covers me as it once covered the world at 80,000ft altitude and at triple the speed of sound !

Under the SR-71
It covers me as it once covered the world at 80,000ft altitude and at triple the speed of sound !

This one (above) was certainly influential for better or worse as it took reconnaissance photos for the Israeli government prior to the 6 Day War in 1967. 

 It did similar espionage work in other theatres around the globe for two decades. 

 It was the stablemate of Lockheed’s equally high-flying but less swift U2.



That's valet parking at Edwards AFB.  The updated U2.  It preceded the SR-71, and is very much still serving.   The need for speed against a cold war MIG foe that the SR-71 provided, became less necessary and less financially viable.

That’s valet parking at Edwards AFB!
The updated U2. It preceded the SR-71, and is very much still serving. The need for speed against a cold war MiG foe that SR-71 provided, became less financially viable.

My view of these machines are from an aesthetic standpoint.  I am aware of the use US Government had for them.  

Copyright MOSAherne 2013. All Rights Reserved.




 I must get my enthusiasm ‘after-burner’ on soon to update more pictures  of the US aviation inventory from

 Castle Air Museum,

  Edwards AFB, Mojave California;

and at Nellis AFB-Las Vegas Nevada;

as trillions  of dollars were on display in various mechanical shapes




Trainers     T1-T2-T3-6T-T34-37-38-41-43-44 AND 45

X-Planes       X-29X-30X-31X-32X-33X-34X-35X-

Bombers             B-52B-1B-2B-3

HyperSoar         ASWS-3CSAP-3P-7

UAV Attack                     AH-1YAL-1 ABLA-4AH-6A-6EA-6BA-7AV-8A-9A-1A-12A-XAH-6RAH66F111F-117AC-130UCAV

Fighters   -5F-8F-14F-15F-16F-17F-18F20F21F22F-23F-35 JSFYF-110YF-113

Cargo            C-2C-5C-9C-12C-17UV-18C-20C21C-22C-23C-26C-27C-35C-38CT-39C-40C-130C-135C

Tankers              KC10KC130KC135

Trillions of dollars!  Someone should tell the tax-payers!     I was tempted to touch a few billion dollars worth of this exotic material; as I won’t see it ever in cash!


  Below, at Castle AFB Atwater Calif.  Decommissioned base but once home of the B52’s

North of Fresno. East of San Jose. South of Lodi, Stockton, and Modesto.

 The Mc Donnell F-4 Phantom.  Bruised but unbowed.  Both of us!

 Even parked up, it’s impressive.  


Copyright MOSAherne 2013. All Rights Reserved.


  A reminder



 From a remarkable machine in California to a building complex,  or is it a complex of buildings?  The doughnut architecture around the Watergate hotel.

It’s certainly a building of past complexes.



WATERGATE-inside the doughnut!

WATERGATE -inside the doughnut, but no doughnut inside me.


  Alas!  Poor Richard, he knew them well.        

WATERGATE  whose third syllable is now a suffix applied by asinine broadcasters to any popular event which is viewed as dubious!   More abhorrent is the knowledge that emost every Tom and Dick and Jane who entered the less than useful world of scribbling;  started out, believing they could ‘break a story’  such as this, and be the next Woodward and Bernstein.



Moving on, I spent most of that day re-running televisual memories of the  atmosphere and circumstance of that time in the early 1970’s  both inside the hotel and in the complex that envelops it.

Across the street the Howard Johnson Hotel housed the ‘lookouts’ They seemingly called the break-in team of ‘plumbers’ and probably used the argot of the time ‘Split! Here comes the fuzz’

Moments later the Watergate debacle was in motion, and the word has come down through the times.  What was RMN  thinking?  He would probably have been re-elected without this paranoia.  Compounding the error he had automatic open-reel tape recordings in the White House of the whole affair.

A warm feeling to realise that the deeds of Richard Nixon all those years ago pale in significance by comparison with recent administrations

 The Petroleum Grab Imperialism  of the last two decades or more has never been fully exposed by the shill media outlets we have today. 



Copyright MOSAherne 2013. All Rights Reserved.







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