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Keeping it real…….? Latest!

    Here’s Dave speaking on the Conan O’Brien – Jay Leno controversy some while ago now ca.2009/2010. Essentially we have a 40 million dollar a year personality talking about a 14 million dollar one that usurped a 9 million dollar one.   No fatalities … Continue reading

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IMPRESSIVE! the technology in the background as well ;-)

    A few klics short of 1400 kilometres south of DC to……..   Cape Canaveral, Fla.       Saturn 1 older brother of Saturn 5        Saturn 1’s first stage gathering of 8 H-1 old engines or “Cluster’s … Continue reading

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 Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)       I can imagine Richard M whispering to Dean  “Hey listen John I didn’t do too bad.  I didn’t get shot! I got interviewed by Frost who paid … Continue reading

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Musicality? Taste is either great or not at all!

Style comes and goes but with a little substance might linger awhile. Check out Chill Downtempo at http://www.jango.com/stations/263763501/tunein?l=0 for 21st century music sublimity. I recommend Kaskade   with     ‘4 AM’ Air                            Cherry Blossom Girl and Femme de L’argent. Zero 7                        Most of their oeuvre … Continue reading

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Are you ready for your close-up? We’re lighting the candle of the lowest bidder!

 This technology monitored the lighting of a virtual bomb under the willing.       images/text Copyright © MOSAherne 2013 · All Rights Reserved   Some decades later……..                                                                       pre-flight checks THIS IS AS CLOSE AS ONE CAN GET … Continue reading

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Just 2000 mile to cover first 5 States. No time for state of chassis. Let’s roll!

   Incidentally these rock formations were formed by the San Andreas Fault.  In 1873  Tiburcio Vásquez  an alleged bandit, hid in these parts for a year.  His name is in stone while the posse are long forgotten. This area I understood later to be one of the … Continue reading

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One Of The Better Uses Of Cyberspace

this is one of many…….     http://www.spaceandmotion.com/Physics-Albert-Einstein-Theory-Relativity.htm   Karene’s site is one of the better uses of cyberspace. There is something for all tastes in a concise and useful layout.   We take a pause for a word from one … Continue reading

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Pride came before the fall.

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Some years ago, I was frustrated that no credit was ever given to the achievements of the Irish apart from a talent for talking and drinking.  As I said to a boss I had in London ca.1978  ‘not all of us-not all the … Continue reading

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Herz der Europa, Deutschland

This gallery contains 50 photos.

Germany is fascinating. We’re outside the Adler Café in Berlin.   Had I been wearing a trench coat and a monocle I wouldn’t  have been out of place.   The building was tangibly and authentically Berlin as much as the neighbouring tourist shops … Continue reading

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  Who said Hollywood Boulevard? Please leave! I’m actually on the east, or right coast as they say, in the District of Columbia. My size 9 is at the virtual center or centre of western power under the Dome of … Continue reading

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She’s a restless spirit on an endless flight…

re:      http://www.nfb.ca/film/burning_times If Hollywood ‘gets wind of it’-they quite possibly would entitle it ” Hot Girls!”-the truth hurts” Avoid the Cornish propensity to dance ‘merrily’ though!

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Human-All to Human!

I  became aware of JPS as late as 1976, when I read Philosophy/Psychology at UCD.  Interesting individual all the same!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G4R_iAZWbQ  This documentary was a useful visual primer on the person and his time. The narrator however could possibly (for her fee) have seen … Continue reading

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American Pilgrimage

https://mosaherne.wordpress.com/32-2/?preview=true&preview_id=32&preview_nonce=38055e1732    Copyright © MOSAherne 2013 · All Rights Reserved · From one misty eyed nostalgic impression to the reality, as it may be today from Noam C. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDkSwfTFNbo

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7 Billion; and most are Tw*tters.

The BBC’s Emily Maitlis awhile back was sent to scout down the socially awkward social media guru Mark Zuckerberg.  It made for uncomfortable viewing.  The new inquisitorial voice of Auntie Beeb in high boots and tight jodhpur trousers (bad choice superficially) … Continue reading

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“The difficult we do right away. The impossible, takes just a while longer.”

  I wonder how the world today has plummeted into a death spiral of celebrity fixation powered by cultural black holes of advertising and PR and their vast orbit of diabolical influence. Useless tribes of the glib-gob media are rewarded  in continual … Continue reading

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