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  If your are irresistibly drawn to view more with ever so slightly improved quality >hop to blog or MOSAherne on Google.  VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL This album has 193 photos and will be available on SkyDrive until 29/06/2013.


Pride came before the fall.

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Some years ago, I was frustrated that no credit was ever given to the achievements of the Irish apart from a talent for talking and drinking.  As I said to a boss I had in London ca.1978  ‘not all of us-not all the … Continue reading

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Herz der Europa, Deutschland

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Germany is fascinating. We’re outside the Adler Café in Berlin.   Had I been wearing a trench coat and a monocle I wouldn’t  have been out of place.   The building was tangibly and authentically Berlin as much as the neighbouring tourist shops … Continue reading

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